Maryland Point System. If you are convicted of a vehicle-related law violation in Maryland, the Maryland District Court will notify the MVA of the conviction. The MVA then applies the appropriate points to your driver record. Points are assessed as of the date of the violation. Assessed points are retained for a period of two years from the date of violation. The MVA can take action for points accumulated within any two-year period. Accordingly, any accumulation of points within a two-year period of time, whether the points are current or not, may be the basis for a suspension or revocation under the point system.

The number of points assessed is determined by the MVA, not by the District Court.  The MVA imposes the following sanctions for accumulation of designated point totals:

  • 3 to 4 points - The MVA will send you a warning letter.

  • 5 to 7 points - The MVA may require you to enroll in a Driver Improvement Program (DIP).

  • 8 to 11 points - The MVA will send you a notice of suspension.

  • 12 or more points - The MVA will send you a notice of revocation.

However, the assessment of points is not automatic. If a suspension or revocation would adversely affect the licensee’s employment or opportunity for employment, an administrative law judge may modify, cancel, or not order the suspension or revocation. Having points on your license could increase your insurance premiums and have other collateral consequences for persons who drive for a living.

Generally, the MVA may not suspend a license for more than one year, although a license may be suspended indefinitely for an individual who cannot drive safely because of a physical or mental condition.

ß 16-402. Assessment of points. (a summary) (complete list from MD District Court is [HERE])

(1) Any moving violation not listed below and not contributing to an accident                                1 point

(2) Following another vehicle too closely                                                                                           2 points

(3) Speeding in excess of the posted speed limit by 10 miles an hour or more                              2 points

(4) Driving with an improper class of license                                                                                      2 points

(5) Failing to stop for a school vehicle with activated alternately flashing red lights                      3 points

(6) Any violation of ß 21-1111 (putting glass, injurious substances, or refuse

on highway or bridge or in waters) of this article                                                                              2 points

(7) Passing an emergency or police vehicle under the provisions of ß

21-405(d) of this article                                                                                                                        2 points

(8) A violation of ß 21-511(a) (the right of way to blind or deaf pedestrians)

of this article                                                                                                                                       2 points

(9) Failure to stop a vehicle for a steady red traffic signal in violation of ß 21-202

of this article or a nonfunctioning traffic control  signal in violation of

ß 21-209 of this article                                                                                                                        2 points

(10) Operating a limousine in violation of ß 21-1127(a) of this article                                              2 points

(11) Use of a motor vehicle in violation of the Illegal Dumping and

Litter Control Law under ß 10-110(f)(2)(i) of the Criminal Law Article                                              2 points

(12) Use of a motor vehicle in violation of the Illegal Dumping and

Litter Control Law under ß 10-110(f)(2)(ii) of the Criminal Law Article                                             3 points

(13) Any moving violation contributing to an accident                                                                    3 points

(14) Any violation of ß 16-303(h) or (i) of this title                                                                             3 points

(15) Any violation, except violations committed on the John F. Kennedy

Memorial Highway, of ß 21-1411 of this article                                                                                 3 points

(16) Speeding in excess of the posted speed limit by 30 miles an hour or

more                                                                                                                                                  5 points

(17) Driving while not licensed                                                                                                         5 points

(18) Failure to report an accident                                                                                                    5 points

(19) Driving on a learner's permit unaccompanied                                                                        5 points

(20) Any violation of ß 17-107 of this article (driving on a suspended

registration and license for failure to have insurance)                                                                  5 points

(21) Participating in a race or speed contest on a highway                                                          5 points

(22) Any violation of ß 16-304 or ß 16-305 of this title                                                                  5 points

(23) Any violation of ß 22-404.5 (power booster system – devise

installed which allows nitrous oxide to combine with gasoline for

the purpose of increasing engine power) of this article                                                              5 points

(24) Speeding in excess of a posted speed limit of 65 miles an hour by

20 miles an hour or more                                                                                                               5 points

(25) Aggressive driving in violation of ß 21-901.2 of this article                                                  5 points

(26) Use of a motor vehicle in violation of the Illegal Dumping and

Litter Control Law under ß 10-110(f)(2)(iii) of the Criminal Law Article                                         5 points

(27) Reckless driving                                                                                                                      6 points

(28) Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, or driving within 12 hours

after arrest under ß 21-902.1 of this article                                                                                   8 points

(29) Turning off lights of a vehicle to avoid identification                                                           8 points

(30) Failing to stop after accident resulting in damage to attended

vehicle or property                                                                                                                        8 points

(31) Failing to stop after accident resulting in damage to unattended

vehicle or property                                                                                                                        8 points

(32) Any violation of ß 16-815 or ß 16-816 of this title

(driving vehicles not authorized by license or operating school vehicles)                               8 points

(33) Failing to stop after an accident resulting in bodily injury ordeath                                    12 points

(34) Any violation of ß 16-303 of this title (driving while privilege is cancelled,

suspended refused or revoked)                                                                                                   12 points

(35) Any violation of ß 16-301(unlawful application for use of license or permit),

ß 16-302 (duplication or reproduction of identification card or driver's license),

ß 16-804 (an individual who drives a commercial license may

not have more than one diver's license), or ß 16-808 (ineligible to drive

a commercial motor vehicle)                                                                                                       12 points

(36) Homicide, life threatening injury under ß 3-211 of the Criminal Law

Article, or assault committed by means of a vehicle                                                                12 points

(37) Driving while under the influence of alcohol, while under the

influence of alcohol per se, or while impaired by an illegally used controlled

dangerous substance                                                                                                                  12 points

(38) Any felony involving use of a vehicle                                                                                  12 points

(39) Fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer                                                                  12 points

(40) The making of a false affidavit or statement under oath, or falsely

certifying to the truth of any fact or information to the Administration under

the Maryland Vehicle Law or under any law relating to the ownership or

operation of motor vehicles                                                                                                          12 points

(41) Any violation involving an unlawful taking or unauthorized use of a

motor vehicle under ß 7-105 or ß 7-203 of the Criminal Law Article, or ß

14-102 of this article                                                                                                                      12 points

(42) A violation of ß 21-1124.3 of this article (text messaging or

using cellphone that causes an accident that results in death

or serious bodily injury                                                                                                                 12 points

COMAR Assessment of Points. (Code of Maryland Regulations (2019 Edition)

02 Assessment of Points.

A. One point shall be assessed against an individual convicted of the following sections of the Transportation Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, except that there shall be a three point assessment for any moving violation which contributes to an accident.

B. Section Moving Violation

(1) 13-919(f) ---- Operating dump truck vehicle in excess of speed limits

(2) 21-103 ------- Willfully disobeying order/direction/summons of officer

(3) 21-106 ------- Unsafe operation of emergency vehicle

(4) 21-201 ------- Failure to obey instructions of traffic control device

(5) 21-202(c), (e), (k) -- Failure to yield right-of-way

(6) 21-204 ------- Failure to obey a flashing traffic signal

(7) 21-204.1 ----- Failure to obey a lane direction control signal

(8) 21-207 ------- Failure to yield right-of-way to a funeral procession

(9) 21-301 ------- Driving across center line/failure to drive on right side of roadway

(10) 21-302 ------ Failure to drive on extreme right side of roadway

(11) 21-303 ------ Improper passing/failure to permit vehicle to pass

(12) 21-304 ------ Passing on the right when not permitted

(13) 21-305 ------ Driving to the left of center of road where prohibited

(14) 21-307 ------ Driving to the left in a no passing zone

(15) 21-308 ------ Failure to drive in a designated direction on one-way roadway

(16) 21-309 ------ Failure to drive on roadway in designated lane

(17) 21-311 ------ Driving improperly on divided highway

(18) 21-312 ------ Unauthorized entering/leaving controlled access highway

(19) 21-313 ------ Driving on controlled access highway when prohibited

(20) 21-401 ------ Failure to yield right-of-way at intersection

(21) 21-401.1 ---- Failure to yield right-of-way at T intersection

(22) 21-402 ------ Failure to yield right-of-way when making a left or U-turn

(23) 21-403 ------ Failure to stop/yield at intersection/turn on highway

(24) 21-404 ------ Failure to stop/yield right-of-way when entering highway

(25) 21-404.1 ---- Entering highway from crossover without yielding right-of-way

(26) 21-405(e)(1)- Failure to make required lane change for stopped emergency vehicle

(27) 21-405(e)(2)- Failure to slow to reasonable speed while passing stopped emergency vehicle

(28) 21-502(a)(c)- Failure to stop/pedestrian crossing in crosswalk

(29) 21-504 ------ Failure to exercise due care for pedestrian

(30) 21-508 ------ Driving through in a safety zone

(31) 21-1124.1 --- Use of a text messaging device while operating a motor vehicle

(32) 21-601 ------ Using improper position/method when making a turn

(33) 21-602 ------ Making a U-turn on curve/crest of a grade where prohibited

(34) 21-603 ------ Start/move vehicle unsafely without giving adequate signal

(35) 21-604 ------ Unauthorized turning/slowing/stopping without required signal

(36) 21-605 ------ Failure to use hand/arm signal/signal lamp when required

(37) 21-606 ------ Improper hand/arm signal to stop/turn/decrease speed

(38) 21-701 ------ Failure to stop and proceed safely to railroad grade crossing

(39) 21-702 ------ Failure to obey stop sign at railroad grade crossing

(40) 21-703 ------ Failure to stop at railroad crossing when carrying passenger/cargo

(41) 21-704 ------ Driving/moving heavy equipment vehicles on/across railroad crossing

(42) 21-705 ------ Entering/emerging from alley/driveway/building without stopping

(43) 21-707 ------ Failure to stop at stop sign/yield at yield sign

(44) 21-708 ------ Failure to stop for livestock at livestock crossing

(45) 21-801 ------ Exceeding speed limit/failure to reduce speed when required

(46) 21-801(a) --- Driving at a speed not reasonable and prudent

(47) 21-801.1 ---- Exceeding maximum speed limit by 1—9 miles per hour

(48) 21-802.1 ---- Exceeding maximum speed limit by 1—9 miles per hour in a highway work zone

(49) 21-803.1 ---- Exceeding maximum speed limit by 1—9 miles per hour in a school zone

(50) 21-804 ------ Driving below minimum posted speed limit

(51) 21-804(c) --- Driving limited speed vehicle on prohibited highway

(52) 21-805 ------ Driving without/unauthorized use of slow moving vehicle emblem

(53) 21-805.1(a) — Driving without/unauthorized use of limited speed vehicle emblem

(54) 21-806 ------ Driving school vehicle with passengers in excess of 45 miles per hour

(55) 21-901.1(b) - Driving motor vehicle in a negligent manner

(56) 21-903 ------ Driving motor vehicle on highway while consuming alcoholic beverage

(57) 21-1101 ----- Stop/park/leave vehicle unattended without removing key/setting brake

(58) 21-1102 ----- Unsafe backing of motor vehicle

(59) 21-1103 ----- Driving a motor vehicle on a sidewalk

(60) 21-1104 ----- Driving a vehicle with view obstructed/not in control

(61) 21-1105 ----- Open/fail to close vehicle door when unsafe

(62) 21-1106 ----- Permit/occupy mobile home while being towed on highway

(63) 21-1108 ----- Coasting downgrade in neutral with clutch disengaged

(64) 21-1109 ----- Following within 500 feet/parking within 300 feet of fire apparatus

(65) 21-1110 ----- Driving over unprotected fire hose without consent of fire department

(66) 21-1117 ----- Driving in improper manner to cause skidding/spinning wheels/noise

(67) 21-1118 ----- Failure to comply with school vehicle regulations

(68) 21-1119 ----- Driving/attempting to drive snow emergency route without snow tires/chains

(69) 21-1120 ----- Driving a vehicle while wearing headset/earphones/earplugs on/in both ears

(70) 21-1123 ----- Driving a vehicle on a highway with unauthorized passengers

(71) 21-1124 ----- Use of a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle

(72) 21-1124.2(c)(1)—Second or subsequent offense of using handheld telephone while operating a Class H vehicle with passengers

(73) 21-1124.2(c)(2)—Second or subsequent offense of using handheld telephone while licensed with a learner’s permit or provisional driver’s license

(74) 21-1124.2(d)(2)—Second or subsequent offense of using handheld telephone while vehicle is in motion

(75) 21-1125 ----- Operating a low speed vehicle on unauthorized roadway/highway

(76) 21-1128 —---- Driving while operating unauthorized television/video equipment visible to the driver

(77) 21-1209(a)(2)—Failure to provide minimum 3 foot distance when passing a bicycle/EPAMD/motor scooter

(78) 21-1209(d) —- Failure to yield right of way to a bicycle/EPAMD/motor scooter in designated bike lane or shoulder

(79) 21-1302 ----- Improper riding/transporting person/articles on motorcycle

(80) 21-1303 ----- Improper operation of motorcycle on laned highway

(81) 21-1303.1(a)- Operating on unauthorized roadway/improper horsepower motorcycle

(82) 21-1304 ----- Riding motorcycle while attached to another vehicle

(83) 21-1404 ----- Failure to obey sign/signal/order direction at vehicle crossing

(84) 21-1408 ----- Making a prohibited turn on vehicular crossing/crossover

(85) 21-1409 ----- Failure to maintain posted minimum speed on a vehicular crossing

(86) 21-1410 ----- Driving vehicle exceeding height/weight/width on vehicular crossing

(87) 21-1412 ----- Violating special provisions while driving through tunnel

C. Other violations shall be assessed the point value as prescribed in the Transportation Article, Annotated Code of Maryland. COMAR Assessment of Points. (Code of Maryland Regulations (2019 Edition))





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