Study Says Number of Rich, Young People and Reliance on Poor Public Transportation Drives Uber Demand

by Sean Riley

Washington Post and WJLA 

Here’s another measure showing that the District is very much filled with heavy-pocketed young people: The city was named the best in the country for rideshare drivers.

A report from Zen99, a financial management and advice Web site, took into account factors like the number of rich young people in a city and the population’s reliance on public transit to determine the places most ripe for drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft. Washington came out on top, followed by Boston and San Francisco. Zen99 also considered fuel, insurance costs and weather.

Here’s how it all breaks down, via Zen99.

Recently released internal data from Uber shows that the company has more than 10,000 active partner drivers — drivers making at least one trip in a specified month — in the Washington area. They claim that drivers in Washington make as much as $17 an hour before operating expenses.

Read the report in full here.