The D.C. Taxi Commission Creates Yet Another Requirement for Taxicabs: "Required" Decals for Bike Safety

by Sean Riley

As if they are trying to prove Uber right, today the DCTC issued yet another requirement for the over regulated taxicab industry in D.C.: required bicycle safety stickers that must be placed inside taxicabs. The purpose of this latest regulation is "to ensure that cyclist safety decals are displayed in all District taxicabs." Well thank goodness for this one. 

The DCTC announced, "each taxicab licensed by the Office shall display cyclist safety decals on the windows of its rear passenger doors. One (1) decal shall be placed at the bottom right inside corner of the right rear passenger window, and one (1) decal shall be placed on the bottom left inside corner of the left rear passenger window. One (1) pair of original decals, and, upon request, one (1) pair of replacement decals, shall be provided by the Office free of charge for each vehicle."

Taxicab owners are required to pick up the decals by October 15, 2015 and must affix the decals by October 31, 2015, 

The notice on the DCTC website cites "D.C. Official Code § 50-307" as the legislative authority for their latest regulation. However, "D.C. Official Code § 50-307" does not exist; that is, it is no longer a valid statute in D.C.