Sidecar is ending its rideshare and delivery services

by Sean Riley

DCist and Washingtonian

According to DCist Sidecar is ending its rideshare and delivery services "so we can work on strategic alternatives and lay the groundwork for the next big thing," according to a Medium post from Sidecar co-founders Sunil Paul and Jahan Khanna.

The self-proclaimed conceivers of the technology that "gave rise to the rideshare movement" pledge that their company isn't going anywhere. It's just that what their company does that will stop at 2 p.m. Pacific time on New Years Eve.

Sidecar was a pioneer in the rideshare game four years ago, but never caught on the way its competitors did, despite not having surge pricing and allowing riders to choose their drivers. It pivoted into Postmates-style delivery a year ago.

D.C. customers might remember Sidecar from the time the company said it would have to shut down if the D.C. Taxicab Commission put into place a regulatory framework for private sedan services. [MORE]