Low Turnout for Uber Drivers' Super Bowl Protest

by Sean Riley


According to eye-witnesses on the ground, and local media reports, very few drivers showed up to support the strike, preferring instead to take the surge pricing payments available druing the event. 

Fox Sports published an exchange between their reporter and "Mario," the Uber driver leading the strike:

"We're at Candlestick Park now," he said. "We may come down to the Super Bowl. We're waiting on people."

“How many people do you have,” I asked. 

He promised to send me a picture of the scene but never did. He sounded defeated. Just 45 minutes before kickoff it was clear no one was going to disrupt this party.

The drivers themselves confirm the strike was a bust. On the popular Uberpeople forum, driver "Lost in Translation" wrote:

The strike was a bust. The leaders have passion but no real organizational skills to build a database of drivers. Once they have a few thousand drivers they can count on, it is silly to try to strike.

UberBlackDriverLA also blamed the strike leadership:

The leaders of this "strike" attempt have no leadership skills. Screaming about shutting down the Superbowl was just plain rediculous. Shutting down the Uber lot was attainable, but these guys choose to attempt something the vast majority didn't want to participate in.  [MORE]