Montgomery County officials oppose Metro partnership with Uber & Lyft Due to Failure to Serve the Disabled Community

by Sean Riley


Members of the Montgomery County Council are asking Metro to drop any possible plan that would give Uber or Lyft a share of the region’s paratransit services.

In a letter to Metro General Manager Paul J.Wiedefeld, the council members said the app-based transportation companies have a history of not providing accessible service and Metro shouldn’t reward them with a contract. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is exploring possible partnerships with Uber and Lyft to introduce an alternative –and less costly– option to MetroAccess, a door-to-door service that costs the agency about $50 per ride.

“We find it contradictory that WMATA would seriously consider rewarding (Transportation Network Companies) who have not provided service to meet the needs of all members of the disabled community,” said the letter sent Thursday.  “Until these companies recognize their obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and offer comprehensive accessible service, we should not consider them a real option for addressing our paratransit needs.”

The letter is signed by seven of the nine members of the council: Roger Berliner,  Marc Elrich, Tom Hucker, Sidney Katz, George Leventhal, Nancy Navarro and Hans Riemer. [MORE]