A Level Playing Field? DCTC Proposes More Hypocritical Rules for Taxicabs: There Are No Wheelchair or Vehicle Mileage Requirements for Uber

by Sean Riley

City Paper

Proposed regulations before the D.C. Taxicab Commission would set limits on taxicabs' ages and mileage as well as mandate sensitivity training for new drivers regarding riders with disabilities. The official notice is [HERE

In contrast, DCTC requires no mileage requirements for private sedan vehicles such as Uber and Lyft. Such vehicles may be up to 12 years old. Also DCTC's newly proposed X Class has no age or mileage requirements whatsoever. There are no sensitivity training requirements for Uber or Lyft drivers because the DCTC does not require Uber or Lyft to provide wheelchair accessible transportation. 

Under the proposed age and mileage policies, no vehicle could operate if it's older than seven-model years or has traveled more than 315,000 miles. Additionally, no vehicle would be put into service for the first time if it would have "one year or less prior to retirement," has been driven "more than 100,000 miles regardless of whether it has previously been used as a public vehicle-for-hire," or has been "salvaged or rebuilt." As proposed, these rules are not retroactive: New vehicles whose operators violate them could get their license extensions suspended.

The City Paper stated, "D.C. has more than 6,500 registered taxis." [MORE] However, it is unknown how many Uber and Lyft vehicles are operated in D.C. because there are no inventory or list requirements for private vehicles for hire companies. It is estimated that there are over 12,000 Uber and Lyft operators in D.C. 

To oppose the DCTC proposed regulation you can make an official comment [HERE] or e-mail to dctc@dc.gov. You have until 4/25/16 to file comments. [MORE]