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Sean Riley is an experienced traffic attorney practicing law in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. He has successfully represented hundreds of people in major and minor traffic matters in D.C. Superior Court, MD. District Court and the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles.

When you hire Riley Legal, Sean Riley, not an associate, will personally represent you throughout the entire court and administrative process. Mr. Riley will help you understand all your legal options and the consequences you may be facing. He provides comprehensive counsel so you can make informed, confident decisions about your case.

If you have been arrested for a criminal traffic offense in D.C. or received an incarcerable citation in MD. you should understand that in addition to your court case you also may face separate civil sanctions and/or collateral consequences at the D.C. DMV or the MD MVA. In addition to the creation of a criminal record, a conviction for a traffic offense could result in; a negative DMV record, the imposition of points, the suspension or revocation of your license, an increase in your car insurance, the loss of employment or security clearance and/or jail time.

Due to the fact that most traffic offenses carry criminal and administrative sanctions it is essential for you to have a comprehensive legal strategy that addresses all the consequences of your case. 

In Maryland major motor vehicle offenses cannot be prepaid - you must appear in court. Such matters are prosecuted by the Maryland Attorney General. In D.C. criminal traffic offenses are prosecuted by the Office of the Attorney General for DC in the D.C. Superior Court.

Drivers who incur too many points can lose their license. If you drive for a living or depend on your license to get to work or to obtain food or medicine or to transport your family then there is no way you can afford to have points on your record or lose your license.

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The DC DMV may suspend your DC license if you accumulate 8 - 9 points. A suspension is mandatory if you accumulate 10 points and a mandatory revocation occurs If you accumulate 12 points.

In Maryland if you have accumulated 8 points within a two-year period then the MVA may suspend your license and it may revoke your license if you have accumulated 12 points.

If you have been given a D.C. "Notice of Infraction" or a MD. "Traffic Citation" do not delay. In D.C. a failure to schedule a hearing within 30 days may result in the ticket doubling and a failure to respond to a ticket within 60 days could result in the suspension of your D.C. license or privilege to drive in D.C. In MD., a failure to respond to a payable traffic citation within 30 days may lead to the suspension of your MD. license or privilege to drive in MD. In D.C. and MD. you can be arrested for driving on a suspended license. 

That notice you received in the mail is just a photograph of a car . . . where is the actual proof that you were driving too fast? MD and D.C. are national leaders in the use of automated speed enforcement. In D.C. the vast majority of tickets come from traffic cameras. DC issued over 1 million speed camera tickets and collected over $100 million in fines last year. In MD, jurisdictions issued more than 1.5 million tickets for speed-camera violations in fiscal 2017 - most of those tickets went to motorists in the DC suburbs.

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FACT OR FICTION, SPEED OR GREED CAM$? The national maximum speed limit law was enacted in 1974 by the Nixon administration for the sole purpose of fuel conservation during an ongoing “fuel crisis.” Said crisis ended decades ago but speed controls remain omnipresent. The real reason we still have such regulation is because it provides the government with a huge revenue source: millions of tickets. If you believe traffic cams protect the public you either work for the government or still believe in the tooth fairy!

Contrary to Government misinformation, camera tickets have little to do with safety and everything to do with money - yours. In fact, a recent study found that red light cameras actually increased accidents and another study found they have no impact on safety whatsoever. Maryland frequently issues speed camera tickets that are bogus or not in compliance with state law and despite D.C.’s record setting camera ticket operation, traffic deaths have risen.

Although camera tickets do not carry points in D.C. or MD. they can be costly. Bear in mind that under DC law the owner of the vehicle is vicariously liable for all camera tickets issued to his/her vehicle. In general, this means it is no defense that you were not driving the car at the time of the alleged violation.

Paying camera tickets without contesting them is highway robbery. Yes, the system is rigged - but speed and red light camera tickets contain errors and can be beaten when properly challenged!

Contact Riley Legal for professional, legal representation at the D.C. Superior Court, D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles, Office of Administrative Hearings and the Maryland District Courts. Sean Riley is an experienced traffic attorney who will fight for your rights! 


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