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Sean Riley is an experienced traffic attorney practicing law in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. He has successfully represented hundreds of people charged with traffic matters in D.C. Superior Court, the D.C. DMV and in the MD District Courts. He represents people in all major and minor traffic cases including criminal traffic offenses, license revocation hearings and moving and non-moving violations. 

When you hire Riley Legal, Sean Riley, not an associate, will personally represent you throughout the criminal process in court and the administrative process. He will help you understand all your legal options and the consequences you may be facing. Mr. Riley provides comprehensive counsel so you can make informed, confident decisions about your case.

If you have been arrested for a criminal traffic offense in D.C. you should understand that in addition to your case in D.C. Superior Court you may also face separate civil sanctions or collateral consequences at the D.C. DMV. During your arrest if the police gave you an order of "proposed suspension or revocation" or a ticket for a moving violation you face the imposition of points and the potential loss of your D.C. license or your privilege to drive in D.C. (out of state drivers). Such matters are exclusively handled at the D.C. DMV.

In addition to a criminal record a conviction for a traffic offense may result in; a negative DMV record, the imposition of points, the suspension or revocation of your license, an increase in your car insurance, the loss of employment or security clearance, public humiliation and/or jail time. A diversion guilty plea or "DSA" in DC Superior Court could also lead to points on your license or the revocation of your license or privilege to drive in DC.

In Maryland traffic tickets or citations are contested in Maryland District Courts not at the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). There are two types of traffic violations, "payable" and “must appear". Most traffic offenses carry criminal sanctions, i.e., fines, probation, and/or jail, as well as administrative sanctions, i.e., imposition of points and/or suspension or revocation of driving licenses or (for out of state residents) driving privileges. Therefore, it is essential for you to have a comprehensive legal strategy that addresses all the collateral consequences of your traffic case. 

Have you been unfairly ticketed? D.C. issues at least 2 million traffic tickets each year. Too many of them are undeserved. If you drive for a living or depend on your license to get to work or to obtain food or medicine or to transport your family then there is no way you can afford to have points on your record or lose your license.

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Drivers who incur too many points could lose their license. The DC DMV may suspend your DC license if you accumulate 8 - 9 points. A suspension is mandatory if you accumulate 10 points and a mandatory revocation occurs If you accumulate 12 points. Points stay on a DC driving record for two years. Good or safe driving points may be used to offset assessed points.

In Maryland if you have accumulated eight points within a two-year period then the MVA may suspend your license and it may revoke your license if you have 12 points. Points stay on a MD driving record for two years.

If you have been given a D.C. "Notice of Infraction" or a MD. "Traffic Citation" do not delay. In D.C. a failure to schedule a hearing within 30 days may result in the ticket doubling and a failure to respond to a ticket within 60 calendar days could result in the suspension of your D.C. license or privilege to drive in D.C. In MD., a failure to respond to a payable traffic citation within 30 days may lead to the suspension of your MD. license or privilege to drive in MD. In D.C. and MD. driving on a suspended license is a criminal offense. 

Paying tickets without contesting them is highway robbery. Contact attorney Sean Riley for professional, legal representation at the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles, Office of Administrative Hearings and the Maryland District Courts. Why Pay a Ticket That Could be Dismissed? Sign up online to get started now. Sean Riley is an experienced trial attorney who will fight for your rights! 

Sean Riley represents people in all major and minor traffic cases including; 


DUI Show Cause & Re-Instatement Hearings 


Reckless Driving

Operating After Suspension

Unregistered Vehicle


Hit and Run

Moving & Non-Moving Violations 

Hack Infractions

Red Light & Speed Camera Tickets 

Parking Tickets

DMV Debt Settlement





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